James Branch Cabell : An Illustrated Bibliography

THE CREAM OF THE JEST: A Comedy of Evasions

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New College and University Press Paperback Edition 1975















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Title page recto: The Cream of the Jest | [in italic] A Comedy of Evasion | by JAMES BRANCH CABELL | [in italic] Edited for the Modern Reader by | Joseph M. Flora | UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA | COLLEGE & UNIVERSITY PRESS • [in italic] Publishers | NEW HAVEN, CONN. (see image above).

Title page verso: [in italic] Copyright © 1975 by | College and University Press Services, Inc. | All Rights Reserved | Library of Congress Catalog Card Number: 74-78857 | New Material, Introduction and Notes | by JOSEPH M. FLORA | MANUFACTURED IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA BY | UNITED PRINTING SERVICES, INC. | NEW HAVEN, CONNECTICUT (see image above).


New Haven, Conn.: College & University Press, 1975


Large format paperback [20.3 cm. (8 in.) x 13.7 cm. (5⅜ in.)]. Pp. 207; (i) half-title (verso blank); (3) title page; (4) publication data; 5-12 Introduction; (13) fly-title; (14) quotation; 15-23 Author's Note (verso blank); (25)-(26) Contents; (27) fly-title; (28) dedication; (29) fly-title; (30) quotation; 31-185 text (verso blank); 187-205 Appendix (verso blank); (207)-(208) blank leaf. Pages (13), (27), (29), (49), (85), (105), (133), (163), and (181) are fly-titles. Pages (ii), (24), (84), (162), (186), and (206)-(208) are blank.


Pale blue paper wraps, black lettering, white, yellow, and black decorations on front panel (see image above).

Spine: [lettered down the spine] CABELL THE CREAM OF THE JEST | [College & University Press logo] | M-43

Front panel: [in italic] Masterworks of [Masterworks logo] Literature Series | [at right, illustration] [at left, enclosed on three sides by white border] [ in black, on orange ground] THE CREAM | OF THE | JEST [in white italic, on black ground] James Branch Cabell | [bottom of panel] [in italic] Edited for the Modern Reader by | Joseph M. Flora | [flush right] M-43 | $2.95

Rear panel: THE CREAM OF THE JEST | by James Branch Cabell | [in italic] Edited by Joseph M. Flora | [22-line blurb in three paragraphs] | [in italic] ABOUT THE EDITOR | [12-line biography in two paragraphs] | [at left] [College & University Press logo] [at right] COLLEGE AND UNIVERSITY PRESS • Publishers | 283 Chapel Street New Haven, Conn. 06513


[in italic] To | LOUISA NELSON | "At me ab amore tuo diducet | nulla senectus." (see image above).


It's not quite clear to us exactly what edits might have been necessary for this novel to be read and understood by the "Modern Reader" of 1975. This edition contains, though, a useful tool for the Cabell scholar: its Appendix lists the changes Mr. Cabell made between the 1917 first edition, the 1922 Kalki edition, and the final 1930 Storisende edition.