James Branch Cabell : An Illustrated Bibliography

FIGURES OF EARTH: A Comedy of Appearances

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*FoE-F2 (w)
First Paperback Edition, Second Printing 1979















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Title page recto: [in decorative script] Figures | of Earth | James Branch Cabell | [in italic] A Comedy of Appearances | Introduction by Lin Carter | Illustrations by Frank C. Pápe | "Cascun se mir el jove Manuel, | Qu'era del mon lo plus valens dels pros." | [Del Rey device] | A Del Rey Book | BALLANTINE BOOKS • NEW YORK (see image above).

Title page verso: A Del Rey Book | Published by Ballantine Books | Copyright 1921, 1927 by James Branch Cabell | Copyright renewed 1948 by James Branch Cabell | Introduction © 1969 by Lin Carter | This edition is printed from the [in italic] Storisende Edition. | All rights reserved under International and Pan-American | Copyright Conventions. Published in the United States by | Ballantine Books, a division of Random House, Inc., New | York, and simultaneously in Canada by Random House of | Canada, Limited, Toronto, Canada. | ISBN 0-345-28170-5 | Manufactured in the United States of America | First Ballantine Books Edition: November 1969 | Second Printing: May 1979 | First Canadian Printing: April 1970 | Cover art by Howard Koslow (see image above).


New York: Del Rey / Ballantine Books, May, 1979


Trade paperback [17.8 cm. (7 in.) x 10.5 cm. (4⅛ in.)]. Pp. xxx + 290; (i) passage from the novel; (ii) THE SAGA OF POICTESME (list of books); (iii) title page; (iv) publication data; (v)-(vi) Contents; vii-xii Introduction: The Geste of Manuel Pig-tender; (xiii) dedication; (xiv)-(xv) map of Poictesme; (xvi) illustration; xviii-xxii Author's Note (from the Storisende Edition); (xxiii) fly-title A Foreward (verso blank); xxv-xxix text of A Foreward (verso blank); (1) fly-title PART ONE; (2) quotation; 3-290 text. Pages (xxiii), (1), (69), (115), (172), and (235) are fly-titles.


[in italic ] To | SIX MOST GALLANT CHAMPIONS | Is dedicated this history of a champion less to | repay than to acknowledge large debts to each of | them, collectively at outset, as hereafter seriatim (see image above).

The respective fly-titles (see Collation) also include the individual dedications for the Foreword and the five Books.

Note: The text of the dedication reads "hereafter" where it should read "thereafter." This misprint was carried through from the 1969 first Ballantine printing, FoE-F1 (w), and was also present in the Canadian printing, FoE-F1a (w).


Following the dedication, a two page black and white reproduction of Peter Koch's 1929 Map of Poictesme, Hall G8.


All panels printed over a wrap-around cover painting by Howard Koslow (see image above).

Spine: [Del Rey device] | Fantasy | Classic | [lettered down the spine, in maroon] FIGURES OF EARTH [in white] JAMES | BRANCH CABELL 345-28170-5-225

Front cover: WIZARDRY AND WARFARE WIN A KINGDOM FOR A ROGUE [double maroon rule] | [in grey] JAMES BRANCH| CABELL | [in black] FIGURES OF | EARTH | [maroon bodered in black] | [in white, flush right at bottom of panel] Ballantine/Fantasy Classic/28170/$2.25 [Del Rey device]

Rear cover: [in maroon] A MAGICIAN'S CHALLENGE | [in black, 10-line blurb] | [in maroon] FIGURES OF EARTH | [in black, 4-line blurb] | Cover printed in U.S.A.