James Branch Cabell : An Illustrated Bibliography

JURGEN: A Comedy of Justice

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*Jur-Ital-1 (w)

Italian Translation 1992


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Title page recto: JAMES BRANCH CABELL | JURGEN | Traduzione | di Giovanni Baldi | Introduzione | di Guiseppe Lippi | ARNOLDO MONDADORI EDITORE (see image above).

Title page verso: [in italic] Copyright © 1946 by James Branch Cabell | Titolo originale dell'opera: Jurgen: A Comedy of Justice | © 1992 Arnoldo Mondadori Editore S.p.A., Milano | I edizione Oscar fantasy gennaio 1992 | ISBN 88-04-35440-2 | [in italic] Questo volume è stato stampato | Stabilimento Nuova Stampa - Cies (TN) | Stampato in Italia - Printed in Italy (see image above).


Milano: Arnoldo Mondadori Editore S.p.A. January, 1992


Trade paperback [18.4 cm. (7¼ in.) x 11 cm. (4 5/16 in.)]. Pp. viii + 344; (i) half-title (verso blank); (iii) title recto; (iv) title verso; v-viii introduction; (1) fly-title (verso blank); (3) dedication; (4) 4-line verse; 5-342 text; [343]-[344] index.


White paper, pink background on rear panel; lettering in black, red, yellow, and pink; color illustration by David A. Cherry on front panel (see image above).

Spine: [lettered up the spine, top] JURGEN [lettered up the spine, center, in pink] James Branch Cabell [at base of spine, in black on a pink ground] [Oscar Fantasy Logo] | FANTASY

Front panel: [all over a color illustration by David A. Cherry] [in red] James Branch Cabell | [in red on a background of a yellow scroll] JURGEN | [in yellow, at base of panel] [Oscar Fantasy logo] | Oscar Fantasy Mondadori

Rear panel: [all in black on a pink ground] [5-line blurb in italic] | Fantasy | [12-line blurb] | [4-line quote from a review by Fernanda Pivano] | [lower left] In copertina: illustrazione | di David A. Cherry | Lire 12.000 | [lower right] [ ISBN bar code]


[in italic] A Burton Rascoe | [12-line dedicatory poem in three quatrains] (see image above).


Arnoldo Mondadori is one of the oldest and most respected publishing houses in Italy. They issued a translation of The Nightmare has Triplets trilogy in 1949 as L'Incubo. Interestingly, Fernanda Pivano, who is quoted on the rear panel of this edition, wrote the preface to L'Incubo. This title is part of the publisher's "Oscar" series of fantasy novels.