The Silver Stallion

Other Authors

The Silver Stallion is primarily concerned with the works of James Branch Cabell, as you've probably noticed by now. We aren't monomaniacs, though, and enjoy reading works by other authors too. In this section, we highlight some authors that we enjoy, and that we feel deserve a better bibliographic treatment that they seem to have found so far.

Our selection criteria are simple. First, these are authors that we like and feel are worth reading today. Some of them are reasonably popular, while some are obscure. Second, these are authors who, as far as we know, have not been well served by detailed bibliographies either online or in print. Many if not most of them are addressed on sites like the Internet Speculative Fiction Database, and some of them even have their own dedicated websites. What they lack, though, are more detailed bibliographies of their works.

With these criteria, we are not addressing authors such as Lord Dunsany and Arthur Machen, who have been well served by previous bibliographers, but are concentrating on authors who we feel need more attention.

These are not intended to be definitive author bibliographies. They are certainly not complete, nor do they meet the level of bibliographic detail that you will find in our Cabell entries. In addition, we have taken a much more personal approach to this section - we discuss these authors in terms of our own experience with them, rather than maintaining the more academic style we have striven for in the rest of The Silver Stallion. We are confident, though, that even with this approach we are providing a better and more detailed bibliographic treatment than any they have enjoyed so far. So kick your shoes off, sit back, and enjoy.

We open this section with two authors who are well-known and respected today: E. R. Eddison and Hope Mirrlees. We will add others to this list from time to time.